Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Double Posting AHOY!

You know what really sucks? Here, write your answer here.

No. Flying monkeys on unicycles most definitley do not suck. What sucks is that I LOVE JOHN CUSACK.

He is purely unattainable but I want to be Mrs. John Cusack forever and ever. If you're reading this, John Cusack, Please Please Please send me an email and we can start courting soon. that would be so cool! I'd be all like, Ok, lets go into the Cusackmobile, and you'd be all like, yeah, okay, where are we gonna go? And Id be all like, I donno, let's ask it, and the car would be all like, let's go to the grocery store, and we'd be all like, yeah, ok, and then I'd be like, ok, the grocery store was fun but lets go home now Cusackmobile and then we'd go home and have a party and invite Paris Hilton and Miachel Moore and Lounette the Clown and Annasophia Robb and Shiloh Novuel Jolie Pitt and then it would be on the tabloids and then Id get famous. Oh and John Cusack would buy me a pug and Id name it Puglie and a cat and Id give it to Kathryn and name it Samson. Yay!

Love, starchick.

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MCRJonvi said...

Yay! I'd get a cat!