Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OOh that Gervais really burns my waffles

Okay, creepie time. Last night I dreampt that THIS MAN OVER THERE -> (aka Ricky Gervais) told me that he was the President of the Secret Order of the Button, not me. Then he had a party and I made out with John Cusack and drank margaritas.

Dear Mr. Ricky Gervais,
LISTEN UP, MR GERVAIS. I AM THE PRESIDENT OF TSOOTB. You are just a Junior Member of TSOOTB. A juinor member, not the President. And you know what? For that Incompetence, I am DEMOTING you to the rank of Baby Button Snapper and you have to live in the TSOOTB Education Center. Okay? Are you happy now, Mr Arrogant? Huh? Huh? Are Yah? Huh?

But your margaritas at your party were fun. I liked it when we all played musical chairs and the police showed up and ate the shrimp canapes. And the magical snake that was there. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

Okay, bye. Love, Starchick.

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