Friday, July 13, 2007

the microwave is beeping and nobody will answer it. also i think that the phone is ringing.

Hi. The microwave is beeping and I want to go get my ramen noodles but--- oh thank you. My mate Harry just brought me them. Thank you Harry. Good boy, Harry. Here is a Harry treat. Harry is looking at the laptop and is now saying "You are a freak. Your blog is so effing weird, starchick. Do you want a cookie?" Harry is trying to get me fat.

"No Harry I do not want one of your cookies as they are filled with empty calories and I won't be able to fit into my clothes at all. Does that amuse you?"
"No. I just thought you'd want a cookie since you're always begging me to make them."
"Oh yeah."
"So do you want an effing cookie or not?"
"Okay, here is a cookie."
"Jeez, this tastes like sugar mixed with Windex and then the Windex got taken out so it's just regular sugar. Can I have another one?"
"No, I want to give some to my girlfriend."
"But you don't have a girlfriend, now do you?"
"No you don't. What's her name, then? Is it Carrie?"
"Yeah. She's coming at 8. Aren't you going to the mall with Kathleen?"
"I'm in nooo hurry."
"Ok, ok, I don't have a Carrie or anything."
"Then go make me some ramen."
"But you have some ramen right there on your lap."
"Oh yeah. Can I have a cookie?"
*Loud sigh* "Fiiiinnnne....."

Love, starchick
PS Harry sez hi.

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