Thursday, April 26, 2007

where is my think of a title button???? arrgh!

okay! i get out of school today to go to work... which means i will have to answer phones and do filing! the only thing i can think of doing now is playing with my tammagotchi.... or my DS. im sad because i lost my CosmoGirl!!! WAH! ooh! i'm going to tell you a GUY STORY! hooray! (long but good!! !! please read!)

Okay... have you ever seen avenue q?? theres this song in there called "the more you ruv someone". it proclaims that "that why you love so strong you like to make him die!". i call that the "christmas eve theory" (that's who sung it).
and then there's the literary foil. my friend (whom we'll call natalie) is basically my foil. she's really bad, and i'm mostly pretty good. and there's the main guy (whom we'll call damien) who's like the foil of my last guy, tym. he is soooo different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(We'll use proper capitalization here. And my name will be Monica.) Once upon a time there was a girl named Monica. She was making great new friends, most importantly, a girl named Natalie, a boy named Jake, a girl named Kathryn, and a boy whom she'd known since Gymboree, Cam. So Nat makes a friends with this guy, Damien. And Monnie hates Damien! She does not like him one bit. She thinks he's self centered and weird. She'd rather sit with the teacher than with Damien.

Damien grows on her. She can't help looking at him every so often. She catches herself thinking about him: when she's on the bus, when she's in the shower, even when she's trying to figure out what the capital of Djibouti is (it's Djibouti, BTW). She knows it's wrong- she's going out with Tym.

So the big Valentine's day dance comes up. We see Monnie fidgeting between the refreshments and the dance floor; Nat has set her up on a double date. It was Nat and Jake with Monnie and Damien. So when a slow dance song comes up, Monnie is forced by Nat to slow dance with Damien. They take a romantic picture (Monnie and Damien hugging in front of a romantic background) on Monnie's cell phone and she dissapears with Kathryn and her other friend, Nicky.

The next day was Saturday. Monnie is invited to go ice-skating with her friend from elementary school (and one-time boyfriend), Joey. Tym was going to be there. Monnie is a nervous wreck.

Tym is informed that Monnie was seen with Damien and says "We're cool". But soon, Monnie recieves an e-mail from Damien that he wants to break up. Monnie feels two things: hurt, but happy that she can fully pursue Damien.

She is given a little bobblehead turtle. She says she will call it Larten Shan (in memory of her favorite Cirque du Freak characters, Larten Crepsley and Darren Shan- it's stupid, she knows, but she really did like the books, honest). And to this day, she does. All her friends get one, but she got hers first. There has to be something special there, right?

She makes a profound realization: Monnie...likes...Damien. She confesses to her friend Nat, who keeps it a secret. She writes him an embarrasing note that she signs "Stacey the Duck". She gets back the note, which reads, "...I think you are a nervous someone...I have feelings for you, too..".

They don't talk about it forever. Then Monnie gets a note in her locker that says "Would you go out with me?" in his handwriting. She quickly responds a hurried yes.

Monnie has not gotten an answer back yet.
that was a good story! i should write it commercially.

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