Tuesday, April 24, 2007

think of your own title. if this is so high tech, how come it cant write the title for me?

!!!BORED!!! making a list of all the people in musicals i aspire to be. let's visit it now!

1. elphaba- wicked
2. ga/glinda- also in wicked
3. donna sheridan-mamma mia
4. sophie sheridan- mamma mia
5. rosie or tanya- mamma mia
6. Jesus in Jesus Christ superstar (i will capitalize the name of God even tho i consider myself a Buddhist)
7. constanze (?)- amadeus
8. roxie hart- chicago
9. velma kelly- chicago
10. puppeteering for kate monster- avenue q
11. puppeteering for lucy the slut- avenue q
12. mary lennox- the secret garden
13. maria- the sound of music
14. belle- beauty and the beast
15. fantine- le miz
16. cosette- le miz
17. jean valjean- le miz
18. eponine- le miz
19. gavroche- le miz
20. the lady of the lake- spamalot
21. peter pan- peter pan
22. simba- the lion king

and of course, there will be the plays that i write...

23. eponine- the secret life of thespians
24. sari- sock munkey
25. morrie- the sound of whining
26. rachel- little red handbag
27. emmy- my locker combonation is l-o-v-e
28. annie- i will always hate COCA and here's why!
29. maggie- the red pen diary
30. star chick- star chick: the shmashinglee succesful musical

so i have a full schedule. for later.

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