Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh. My. God. I'm. Back.

HELLOOOO! I give my best wishes and a lot of people say hi: Elmo, Grover and Bob! I have developed an infatuation with Bob! He's nobody, just something when you ask me I pick up, like this E I just picked up there! I am really sorry I haven't been in a while because I left and there was some stupid thing and I forgot my password cause my computer broke and I neglected this and you needn't yell because I am back and will honestly try to write as much as I possibly can because there's a lot to write! I even forgot what the test in BEEP! was for. I am such an idiot. I will take all hate mail with good nature and love. WELCOME BACK!
So I will start at the beginning. I just thought of something: these people probably don't give a poo that I am back and don't feel like reading The Sagas of Starchick and I really don't want to loose whomever is reading this (my assumed audience) so I'm just going to explain why I'm a happy jujube.


Well there is this guy. This guy we will call Tym and I am still Emily. Actually, I am now Princess Aribelle Yale Ponyweather. Or Yale. SO After Jacob left Yale noticed this other guy-Tym. Tym, apparently, noticed her too! Well one day in the year after Jacob left (tat was teh 04-05 school year) Yale recieved a pack of trading cards from Tym, delivered through a girl named Nikol Parige Hart Hart Dot Ie. So Yale felt all fluttery inside for a really long time. She resorted to opening them in the girl's bathroom with the stall closed. Then at Valentine's Day, she got a CANDY BAR WRAPPED IN BLUISH PAPER WITH A HEART ON IT AND IT WAS ONE OF THOSE BIG CANDY BARS, NOT LIKE THE MINI KIND BUT I GUESS IT WAS THE NORMAL KIND AND I AM NOT USED TO THAT KIND, YOU KNOW!!! So it was obvo that Tym is now her bf. And the other day they went to this place with their peers and it was a job simulation and you got 3 breaks. And you could send these Candy-Gram thingies, and I sent Tym one and he sent me one!!!

I am certianly one happy jujube.

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