Thursday, May 17, 2007

some things

10 ways to brighten your day

10. get on paint and google images and make yourself an award. i made the prestigious Pretend Oscar-Tony!! there is no limit to your creativity. make an Imaginary Oscar-MTV Award. whatever you want.

9. write a comic book about what your life is like, except funnier and cooler and change all the names, so if you hate yuor name you can be sabine elisabeth or wahtever.. did you know that's how superman got started? (p.s. that is a lie)


7. write a comical play about bears coming to terms with things and singing.

6. lay out a map of your imagimary theme park.

5. sit around your room and lay out several hats. pretend that everyone's having an argument or something, just like when you were seven. but if ur mum comes in, it shan't be cute.

4. jump to conclusions and make specious reasonings

3. make up several stupid play ideas and act them out, using your hats from idea 5

2. go outside, you dink!

1. smell the fake flowers.

hooray! ps monnie and damien are finallyl an item!! monnie tells me that she's happytacular.

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