Saturday, January 27, 2007

An Open Letter to the Users of

An Open Letter to the Users of

From starchick, an outraged blogger

I am outraged.

Why, you ask?

I cannot acess my old account under the name of pacorex all because I signed up for some stupid Google account. I see no option to change my user name either. So this is the new Blogger? One where a Yahoo! or AOL user can't change their username? Only those who use G-Mail? And, oh-ho-ho, believe you me I TRIED to get a G-Mail account. But it says it's only available to those with a mobile phone. Oh, ex-cuuuse me if I don't have a cellphone! Like it's my fault! Like this is so awesome. As if. Hey, yeah. I want to be credited as "starchick's world of dreams: by starchick, puglie, and". Uh, shouldn't I be able to be credited as who I want? This is rude and not in a good way. I wish that I could get pacorex back.

Another thing: I have to login as I could at least be done the courtesy of getting to only type emmakoala. See, I wouldn't be outraged then. How hard is it to create a "new username" tick box? Honestly. You know, I bet half of the blogging pop is with me. I am so sure that I'm not the only one out there who gives a gorram about how cheap Google is to buy our Blogspot and make all of us soandso@website.end!

I can't do anything about anything. But I might just convert all my posts to a text file and write regularly in that.

You know what, I might just do that. You wait and see.

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